Join the Movement - Center for Civil and Human Rights

My team already had a campaign concept in place by the time I started working with them, but they still needed a digital component to help sell the idea in. That's when I came up with this digital quiz that helps link motivated museum-goers to the civil or human rights leader they are most like, while connecting them to social causes they can get involved with in their community.

Banners and social posts guide people to the quiz.


The campaign concept:

Many social movements, past and present, have started as protests, petitions and sit-ins. Today, you can also join a movement with a simple hashtag and a click. Mirroring the Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta — an interactive space where history is told through the technology of the present — we played with the idea of bringing social media into historical moments to inspire more people to visit the museum and join a movement after their visit.


AD: Francisco Vargas

Designer: Ashley Roden