Seven Dwarfs Train

We created a special invite kit to welcome the media to Disney's press preview event of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The invite, mailed to roughly 800 members of the press, plays off reporters' ever-present desire to explore, encouraging them to discover what's new at Disney.

The invite includes:
An itinerary of the three-day event that includes a web link to discover more information.
Souvenir train tickets for the press events.
A map of New Fantasyland with an intro story and info.
A "gem guide" to the newest of the new at Walt Disney World.
A really cool pen.

It got so much love that someone even made an unboxing video (below). We also won a 2015 Orlando Addy Award and a Silver National Addy Award.

Creative Directors: Will Gay and Dennis Chalifour
Art Directors: LaTanya Beauregard and Sarah Swenson
Illustrator: Sarah Swenson
Copywriters: Diana Brost and January Holmes